Extension study

author/s: Dr F.Tresserra Casas, Dr M.A. Lequerica Cabello, Dr J. Carles i Galceran, Dr A. Navarro Luna, Dr. R. Sáez Redín


How does colorectal cancer spread?

When a polyp starts to get malignant, it starts to grow and goes through the different layers of the wall of the colon or rectum, depending on its location. Later on, and through the lymph system, it can invade nodes and through the blood stream reach other organs, mainly the liver and lungs (metastasis). It can also cause tumours inside the abdomen. For more information go to Staging.

The extension of the tumour will be complemented with imaging tests (see animation), including ultrasound , CAT, and/or MNR (magnetic nuclear resonance). (see animation).