Oesophageal tumours

author/s: Dr Mª Carmen Peña Cala

What is a tumour?

A tumour is an abnormal bulging of an organ or part of the body.


What are symptoms and prognosis of oesophageal tumours?

Benign tumours of the esophagus account for 10% of all oesophageal tumours.

When these tumours are malignant, the patient presents progressive dysphagia (difficult deglutition) and rapid loss weight. Thoracic pain is present when the tumour has spread to perioesophageal tissues, thus, when the disease is discovered, it is usually at a very advanced stage and with a bad prognosis. Survival at 5 years is around 5%, for as long as the tumour has been excised and radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy, or a combination of both, has been administered. In over 60% of patients, the treatment can only be palliative.