Pancreas Disorders

author/s: Dr Mª Carmen Peña Cala

What can happen to the pancreas?

The pancreas can be affected by several pathologies such as cancer, endocrine tumours (hormone-related), benign tumours, etc However, the most frequent condition is inflammation.


Why does the pancreas get inflamed?

The main causes are alcohol and lithiasis or biliary stones, although there could be other causes as well.


What can happen when the pancreas becomes inflamed?

If it is not treated in time, the effects can be catastrophic due to a possible external release of pancreatic proteases due to the inflammation, thus initiating a self-digestion.


What are the implications of this inflammation?

Severe peritonitis when the pancreatic secretions spill out into the abdominal cavity, jeopardising the life of the patient.

Difficulties to control the level of blood glucose.