Pyloric obstruction

author/s: Dr Mª Carmen Peña Cala


What is the meaning of the word “obstruction”?

Obstruction means an interruption in the passage of solid, liquid or gaseous materials into a vessel or body duct.


What is a pyloric obstruction?

In the stomach, the only significant obstruction occurs at the level of the pylorus (the pylorus is the sphincter located between the stomach and duodenum). The obstruction can be caused by excessive development of the muscular sphincter, as it occurs in babies (pyloric stenosis), or in adults as a result of scars from ulcers or neoformations in the area.


How does it manifest?

Pyloric obstruction presents with an enlargement of the gastric body, distension, slow and heavy digestion. The condition can progress to descompensated phases in which food does not reach the duodenum with resulting vomiting.