Ostomies - George Dappe

Cromar (1968) reported that a soldier by the name of George Dappe who was wounded in the battle of Ramillies in 1706 lived for 14 years with a traumatic colostomy caused by a wound. This is probably the first reference of double-barrel colostomy.


General objectives of the ostomy care unit

 · To favour the continuity of the healthcare process.

 · To conduct proper patient education providing ostomised patients or their main caregivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform adequate stoma care.

 · Health education aimed at the prevention of late complications.

 · To work in a multidisciplinary manner with other health professionals attending ostomised patients.

What sort of patients that can come to this Unit?

 · Patients who have ostomies for bowel elimination:

 - Digestive stomas: colostomies, ileostomies, jejunostomies,etc.

 - Urologic stomas: skin urostomies, ureteroileostomy,nephrostomy,etc.

 · Patients with high-debit enterocutaneus, vesical or biliary fistulas.

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