Principal investigator: Meritxell Gironella

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a health problem of first magnitude in developed countries due to its high incidence and associated mortality.


Early diagnosis of CRC has been shown to decrease mortality associated with this malignancy by detecting cancer in early stages and by detecting and removing precursor neoplastic lesions (advanced adenomas). Therefore, the objective of this project is to develop a new technique of CRC screening via the analysis of molecules called microRNAs in the plasma of these patients. To this end, we collected blood from a healthy group and a group of patients with advanced colorectal neoplastic lesions. The plasma was separated from the blood, and the RNA removed for subsequent analysis of microRNAs expression profiles by means of microarrays. The microarray technique has now been carried out and the data has been partially analyzed, which has enabled us to select a group of microRNAs possible biomarker candidates for noninvasive early diagnosis of CRC. However, these results have yet to be validated using a different technique and analyzed in a different cohort of individuals so that they can be xtrapolated.