What is colon cancer

author/s: Dr. Dolores Maluenda Colomer, Dr. Alberto Navarro Luna, Dr. Mº Antonia Lequerica Cabello, Dr. Raquel Sáez Redín, Dr. Joan Carles i Galcera

What is colorectal cancer?

Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumour that can be located at different levels inside the large intestine. It can be located at the level of the colon or at the end of the intestine, in the area called rectum.

What is the prognosis of colorectal cancer?

Fortunately, colorectal cancer is not one of the most aggressive types of tumour. The possibilities of cure vary greatly and depend on when the lesion is detected. If the lesion is detected very early, these possibilities of cure reach nearly 100%. After the initial stages, the possibilities of cure start to decrease. We could say that there are several levels of severity. These levels include whether or not the tumour has spread beyond the entire wall of the intestine, and if so, whether or not the lymph nodes are involved, and lastly, whether it has invaded other organs (metastasis). Despite all of this, even in cases where the cancer has spread to other organs, there are options for cure or at least to stop disease progression.