What is the Olga Torres Foundation (FOT)?

The Olga Torres Foundation(OTF) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to cancer research and its involvement in immune alterations.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

1. To promote high-level scientific, technological and social research within the university framework, research centres and specialized institutes.

2. It does so through the direct funding of specific research projects and cancer therapies related to immune disorders affecting the XXI century society.

Within the field defined in section 2 of objectives, the FOT grants and dedicates funding to the colon cancer research line, as colon cancer is a disease that has a great impact on the population. Currently, this disease is experiencing a substantial growth and affects men and women alike.

The FOT also manages its assets in order to maintain and increase this specific research line. With the benefits attained, grants and the overall expenses of the Foundation are sustained.

This task is managed in an altruistic mannerby the members of the Board and technical assistants. This lowers the overall administrative costs to a bare minimum and ensures the founding of the foundation's primary causes.

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Social adress:

Ronda Maiols, 1 (BMC Building)
08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès ( Barcelona ) Spain
Telephone nr. +34 637 793 567
Email: info@fundacioolgatorres.org